How much sleep do you need

Learn to listen to your body

Mr Bee: Hi Kamilla, so we understand you are studying to be a doctor?

Kamilla: Yes, Hi,  I will be a doctor in the near future and I am dedicated to leading a healthy lifestyle.  I will be writing articles for beandmake on a range of topics.  If readers want to me write about any health topics, or have questions, I will try my best to answer them.

Mr Bee: What factors affect someone’s health?

Kamilla: I believe lifestyle and living conditions make up a big proportion, about 49-53%.  12-22% can be attributed to genetic factors.  I think 17-20% comes from environmental conditions and 8-10% is from medical assistance.

Mr Bee: So you are saying, a lot our health is in our hands?

Kamilla: That’s right! About 50% of our health is in our control and the rest is from external factors.

Mr Bee: Tell us your health secrets?

Kamilla: I love to sleep, I believe it is the key to amazing health.  I sleep as much as my body is asking for, which is a roughly 8-10 hours. Water is my other big secret. In my bedroom there is always a non-carbonated water bottle. After waking up, I go straight for the water! I always carry a bottle of water and drink at least 2 litres per day. Yoga and the gym are very important to me also. I have a strict daily skin care regime and every couple of months I do special detoxes (I will document these in the future).

Mr Bee: What do you eat for breakfast?

Kamilla: I usually have a bowl of porridge with oats, honey, quail eggs, buckwheat, quinoa and bran with yogurt.

Mr Bee: What do you think about sugar,dairy and gluten in your diet?

Kamilla: I absolutely do not use sugar (I will blog more about this later). I try restrict gluten in my diet. Dairy products and alcohol are not greatly needed by my body.

Mr Bee:What is your philosophy on health?

Kamilla: You have to learn is to listen to your body.

Mr Bee: Thank you Kamilla, we wish you well with your studies and look forward to your future blog posts 🙂

Do you believe health is in your hands? Please comment and share your experiences…

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