Meditation Book


Mindfulness Unplugged book

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness are health’s oldest secrets.  They unlock the best version of you.  Get ready to feel light and happy.

Inside the book

User-friendly design and relaxing animation.  This book will take all your worries away. Practical and fun.  Master the life-changing “7/11 Breathing Technique”.


  • Simple reminders to remove stress
  • No previous experience of meditation required
  • Requires very little practice time
  • Reduces anxiety


“The totally unique format, beautiful imagery and profound words calmed my mind and brought me to the present”

Mikey Siegel

Founder, Consciousness Hacking

“This is a beautifully made book and to see it and use brings joy and delight”

David Brazier

Headmaster, St James Senior Boys’ School


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