How to lose weight through behaviour change – Part 1

By Bhavin Prajapati


How do you control portion sizes? #health bytes

I remember when I first started delivering weight management group interventions with the NHS.  A comment by a patient really stuck with me “Well you don’t know how it feels to be fat, so how do you know”. I tuck a deep breath, stood up tall, waited for a split second, then responded to a very frustrated patient. “Actually I used to be overweight myself” I said and the patient looked at me in shock. So I told them my story. I used to be overweight when I was at university. Ironically I was studying nutrition. This made the whole group erupt into laughter, to which I responded “I do understand your frustration sir”.

Your habits will shape your health

Weight can creep unknowingly and it’s not a great feeling when we realise that it affects our health. I explained my situation of how I gained weight at that particular time of my life. I used to miss meals; especially breakfast, overeat at lunch times, leave big gaps between meals and overeat in the evenings. Nights out drinking with friends lead to more unhealthy options and increased portion sizes.

After I completed my studies at university I returned home. One day I attempted to run up the stairs like I used to. Shockingly, I got to the top and I was totally out of breath.  Many emotions ran through my mind. Sadness, anger, frustration and the thought of how my health had changed over the last four years.

Being consistent and being patient 

I returned to my gym routine and was more mindful about my eating habits. However, I didn’t see any difference in my body for weeks. Saying that I stuck my guns. I was consistent with my exercise, nutrition and incorporated self-reflection into my well being routine. On reflection I was able to track back my progress step-by-step and improve my future progress. I eventually lost the weight and reached a level that I was satisfied with.

When working with my patients I stress that you have to change the way your behaviour is with food. Be mindful of what, where, when and how much you are consuming. My motto is not to let food control you, but for you to have control over food.

Join us for Part two where Bhavin discuses how behaviour change is vital if you want optimum health.

Behaviour bytes’ is written by Bhavin Prajapati. He shares his experiences of how to improve lifestyle and well being with a holistic approach. He is currently a Nutritionist working for Nottinghamshire’s Obesity Prevention and Weight Management Service. He currently delivers high quality, evidence based nutritional advice for children and adults. Including those with maternity needs, anyone seeking weight loss interventions on a one to one and in group settings. Within the weight management service he facilitates and empowers patients to affect behaviour and adopt positive lifestyle changes by providing health education and high quality nutritional counselling.