How to stop technology addiction and start living – Part 4

Sonya and Sebastian’s mission at Nature Unplugged is to cultivate consciousness in the digital age #technology

Mr Bee: How do you set healthy boundaries with technology usage and also improve the relationships around you?

Sebastian:  Having routines helps me to be more disciplined with technology. For me morning and evening routines are beneficial. One practical thing that my partner and I have done was to take our laptops and cellphones out of the bedroom. We have an analogue old school alarm clock. You could call it a tech-free space. We got into a habit of reading on our phones or for me it was social media stuff before bed for example. I felt  these created such a disconnection for our relationship. So getting the technology out of there was a game changer.

Mr Bee:  How can you encourage people to develop better habits with technology?

Sebastian: You don’t have to do anything. It is important to recognise that this is a choice. You must ask yourself ‘are you ok with the consequences of this choice?’. That may look like disconnection in the relationship or poor sleep or other effects. People and my clients need to decide for themselves. Everyone probably has some experience of being told that ‘you need do this!’. If it is coming from the outside, it only does little. Choice is key. If you are happy with the way things are with technology, then that is okay too. But if you are looking for better connections with people or wanting to do more activities, that is the time to make small changes.

Mr Bee: I agree that it all depends if you are happy or not with your current technology usage. For people who have never come across your work Sebastian at ‘Nature Unplugged’ tell us more…

Sebastian:  We offer one-on-one well being coaching – both virtual and in-person. We conduct workshops to small groups. We also organise well being retreats around Southern California. Our mission is to cultivate consciousness in the digital age. Our coaching is person-centred and we favour an in-depth approach looking at individual dynamics . We work on a number of topics through the lens of having healthier relationships with technology and reconnecting with nature.

Mr Bee: You are also the author of, ‘The Adventures of Enu’ and ‘Ashes in the Ocean’ tell us more about your books…

Sebastian: ‘The Adventures of Enu’ I wrote several years ago. It is around 7 years old.  It is an illustrated book which although kids like, it is intended for adults. It is about a magical little creature whose name is Enu. Enu’s job is to connect with humans who are having a difficult time. His job is to wake people up to the possibilities of connection with nature.

Mr Bee: Everyone would benefit with having an Enu hanging around 🙂

Sebastian: Yes I think people would. Enu is also the acroym for ‘Experience Nature Unplugged’. My other book ‘Ashes in the Ocean’ just came out. It is available on Amazon. It is a memoir dedicated to losing my dad to suicide when I was young.  It details the lessons I learned from that process. Nature is a core theme in the book. Dealing with emotions that were surfacing at the time which needed addressing. I am passionate about helping those who have lost a loved one to death by suicide or dealing with mental health issues. I believe it is all about starting the conversation.  It is about putting things out in the open. The Nature Unplugged work is definitely shaped and motivated by stories in ‘Ashes in the Ocean’. This is the main motivation behind my work.

Mr Bee: Really grateful for your time today Sebastian. Ashes on the Ocean is on my reading list! Keep up the inspirational work at Nature Unplugged. If anyone finds themselves in Southern California and wants to surf, do some yoga or just connect with nature, get in touch with Sebastian.