5 simple ways to make walking more fun

By Mr Bee

Want to get started with Nordic walking? All you need is a pair of Nordic walking poles and flexible outdoor shoes or trainers #Nordic #walking

1. Set up a walking group

Walking is a form of exercise which involves very little cost. All you need is some time, some decent outdoor shoes and off you go! Why not start a walking group? This will make your walks more enjoyable and keep everyone motivated at the same time. Start by finding several people who share a passion of staying fit and set a date and time which everyone can commit to. When people commit to a date, they usually stick to it. Walking in groups is not only more motivating, but equally it is safer too when walking at night.

2. Go walking with friends

You could take it turns to decide on walking different routes, or try varying your starting points. You could introduce time trials even. To make walks fun, why not end the walks at your favourite pubs or restaurants? Not only is walking with friends a great way to stay in touch, it is free and also keeps everyone fit!

3. Organise a walk fit group at work

You could organise walks at work for say 20-30 minute sessions. This would be a an excellent way to form better habits and return to work feeling refreshed. In the modern age too many people are a slave to the desk and computer. Going for a short walk at lunch time can be a mini digital detox.  Go for alternate days in the week, say Monday, Wednesday and Friday – that way it is a routine that is sustainable for everyone.

4. Sign up for a Charity walk

Charity walks combine achieving your fitness targets with that feel-good factor. In today’s world awash with social media, blogs and 24 hour news there is no excuse not be informed about an upcoming walk!  Charity walks make you stick to your walking regime; knowing that you are making a difference to people who need it the most.

There are a wide variety to choose from.  If you ever find yourself in North England, I personally recommend the Yorkshire 3 Peak Challenge. Not only is it a fun day out with all the family, it is also a stern test of mind, body and soul.  The key with any walking is to be realistic about your fitness levels and decide how long you want to walk for. Be mindful of this before you enter any charity walking challenge. Also, take timeout to prepare well for any challenge you undertake.

5. Try Nordic walking

Nordic walking involves using a pair of long poles designed to tone your upper body.  Have you ever seen people walking in the countryside with a pair of long poles? Most likely, these people were Nordic walking.

Nordic walking originally came from cross-country skiers who wanted to have a workout during the winter. The poles are designed to harness the power of your upper body.  This helps to propel you forward. Think of it as using a cross trainer, only you’re outdoors! It is a surefire way to turn an ordinary walk into a whole-body exercise. Nordic walking burns up to 40% more calories than ordinary walking

We would love to hear how you make walking more fun 🙂

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