How can I recover fast from pain?

By Mr Bee

Just like a car needs to be checked and tested so does your health #kore #therapy

What is Kore therapy?

Kore Therapy is a treatment and assessment system for the mind, body and soul. The focus of Kore Therapy is to find the underlying cause to a number of ailments which compromise your health. It can treat a wide range of minor and chronic health conditions from back pain to fatigue. This therapy has more in common with ancient healing systems such as Ayurveda and Chinese medicine as it treats the root causes not just the symptoms.

“A key difference with Kore Therapy and conventional therapies is that the brain is engaged before any healing begins.”

Kore practitioners are trained to have a unique understanding of how the muscles in your body all work together. The practitioner will conduct specialist muscle testing combined with a thorough understanding of your medical history. The aim is to identify imbalances and injuries that can reveal the real picture of your overall health.

Mind-body connection activated

A key difference with Kore Therapy and conventional therapies is that the brain is engaged before any healing begins. The aim of the muscle testing is to activate the immune system response. This happens before the actual therapy has even begun. These muscle tests are performed at the beginning and end of each session. The therapist carefully notes your body’s response to each muscle test, which in turn helps identify the exact cause of your condition. Most of the time the imbalance in the body is rarely in the location where the actual pain is.

Why I chose Kore therapy:

In my case, what better way than to put this therapy to the test and go for a session. I had been passed the contact details of the Kalsang Clinic in Bradford. I had heard it was a mixture of new age healing and Chinese medicine…suffice to say, I was in for an experience that would challenge my view of health. My main reason for choosing an alternative healing system was to try and compliment the western medicine that is readily available in England.

We are incredibly fortunate to receive free health care in England, but I sometimes feel that we are lacking the ancient wisdom which stems from Eastern practices. In England doctors are quick to prescribe medicine without looking at the root cause. My suspected injury was severe pain in my elbow, probably due to overuse from playing tennis. After a medical history check and short questionnaire, a multi-approach healing system was applied. Through a series of gentle stretches and light massages around key pressure points, my ‘Chi energy’ was moved around my body. Throughout the session different muscle groups were tested for strength and the practitioner noted down the results.

Does Kore Therapy really work?

The short answer is yes. I went in with a dull pain in my elbow and an overall heavy feeling in my body. After the session, this all changed. I was very relaxed and the dull ache from my body was a lot lighter. Although the pain was still present in my elbow, the pain had been transformed. From originally being sharp and immobilising, the sensation of pain had been set free. I also came out with a feeling of being balanced and aligned.

MOT for the Mind, Body and Soul

If you are in the Bradford area be sure to check out this amazing holistic health service – Kalsang Clinic which offers Kore Therapy with trained specialists. We would love to hear what therapies have worked for your pain?