Simple ways to fight anxiety

By Sohini Pattni

tim-marshall-61133.jpgThe ocean of anxiety

Have you sat on the beach, where the sands meet the waters? When it’s high tide and the water is coming in? The forceful water pushes you right back onto the beach. It’s a little game the ocean plays with you. Its spontaneity can be exhilarating. You crawl back to where you were sitting and play the game again and again.

As the tide comes in, it also goes out. The exact spot you were sitting to enjoy the game can also be a frightening place. The same water that pushed you onto the beach, has the same power to suck you up into the ocean.

For some, this can be the same feeling for anxiety. If caught off guard, this pulling force (just like the water) can take you to a place where you were not expecting. It’s you – your mind, body and soul – fighting against this powerful force. How did you not see this coming? Where did it come from? What can you do to stop it? Is there a way to anchor yourself? At times the sheer strength of it can be overwhelming.

The waves inside all of us

Anything in life can be this ‘pulling force’ . Deadlines, expectations to achieve, financial demands, unexpected separations, negativity, just to name a few. There will always be waves in life, which can throw us off balance. With time, and being able to face these turbulences, you will learn to recognise these forces as they arise. You then know yourself better and learn to see the wave coming.

“find activities that make you feel strong; listen, observe and try things for yourself”

As you go through this process of learning, you must repair any damage caused to you. See it as an opportunity to retrain yourself in mind, body and soul. Wellbeing is a growing area and we are fortunate to have a host of resources available to us. I encourage you to find something that works for you. There is no one solution that fits all. Go on your journey to find activities that make you feel strong; listen, observe and try things for yourself.

Over the past 15 years, I have explored many natural techniques and therapies that have helped me strengthen my inner being and learned how to maintain the balance: exercise, travel, movement, meditation, speech, nutrition, crystals and sound.

Join us for part two where Sohini gives some practical tips that help manage her anxiety.


3 thoughts on “Simple ways to fight anxiety

  1. The analogy of a wave is perfect to help us understand the true power of anxiety. The feeling of helplessness as it takes over can render the body useless leaving only our mind to regain control of ourselves. ‘Knowing yourself better’ are the words we all need to action. Great blog! I look forward to the next part.


  2. Great Article! Anxiety is a problem for many people, even more so these days. It’s important to deal with it. Thank you for the tips. Good job!


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