30 days of fasting -part two

by Mia


Fasting and Sleep

This fasting period means that my sleep hours are reduced.  This does affect my ability to concentrate at work and also impacts on my productivity.  During this month my meal times do change, Ftour becomes the evening meal which breaks my fast.  “Shour” is the early morning meal before we commence our fast for the day.

The Ftour time is  around 8pm and Shour time is by 3:30 am.  This means we have two options.  We can have ftour and stay awake until shour (not easy if you have to work the next day) or sleep after Ftour for 3 to 4 hours and wake up for Shour.  In both scenarios I do not always get enough rest.  


My tips for those who would like to try fasting for a month 🙂

  1. For food – dates are a really good source of energy
  2. Try to eat late, just before sunrise that way you can sustain your energy levels more evenly throughout the day.
  3. Avoid strenuous activities during the day
  4. Complete important tasks in the morning so you will have more energy in the afternoon. Afternoons are when most people get tired
  5. Try to relax for 30/40mins before you break the fast, this helps your body to adjust to the sensation of eating food.

Fasting is about the journey within.  Not eating helps me to focus on values such as gratitude, tolerance and reminds me of:

  1. People who don’t have food
  2. People who are suffering
  3. I am thinking about people who don’t have access to water 
  4. There are more important things in life than food
  5. I notice my body can be okay without food

The human spirit revealed

I learned to control myself and be the boss of my destiny.  Every time my mind is showing me that I cannot do something, I begin to question this limiting belief. Fasting reveals the true potential of the human spirit.

When you control yourself you become at one with your fragility.  You then realise how to better embrace suffering.  Today is Eid all around the world, a moment when everyone is celebrating.  Happy Eid to those who are celebrating, and one love to all people !!!



One thought on “30 days of fasting -part two

  1. In Shour I always eat dates, a banana and drink milk , they give me energy .
    After Ftoor, I always drink water and orange juice or any kind of juice , your body needs liquids.
    Nice article 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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