Mental strength: what you should know about it

Health comes from all directions.

Mr Bee: What does health mean to you?

Danny :What comes to mind is something physical. But in saying that health comes from all directions.

Mr Bee:I know Tennis is a big thing for you Danny? Tell us more.

Danny: I got into tennis when I was quite young in Spain. I loved it so much but I only got to play for 5 minutes because I didn’t understand the Spanish had to do Siestas!

Mr Bee: What does tennis mean for your health?

Danny: My fitness, strength and cardio all come from tennis. I do not go to the gym. I don’t particularly have the healthiest of lifestyles in terms of my sleeping or eating habits actually.

When you have a good racket and you know more about tennis, you know what rackets can give.

Mr Bee: How often do you play tennis?

Danny: It varies, but in winter-time it usually slows down, the hibernating-bear thing.  There is a Christmas time thing where I usually get a bit fatter, like I am right now! I play indoors often 3/4 times a week.

Mr Bee: As you restring rackets by profession Danny, what healthy habits have you picked up along your way?

Danny: My advice is always to play better players. That’s it, you just have to take the chances. Take your ‘L’s”(Losses) then go back to the drawing board and see how/where one can improve.

Mr Bee: What is your take on how much a racket affects your game?

Danny:  Say for instance you go and buy a standard racket, you might only be able to get to a certain level in tennis.  Even if you do play better players, improve physically and your stroke mechanics, there is still only a certain pinnacle with any racket. When you have a good racket and you know more about tennis, you know what rackets can give. You learn the characteristics of how the ball interacts with the racket. That is when you keep stepping up your game.

Mr Bee: Would you say tennis is psychological?

Any game on a competitive level is very mental, even more so with tennis because it’s one on one and you are looking at your opponent on the other side.  Throughout the years I have noticed many things regarding action, reaction and stimuli.  For instance if you win a few points, the other guy really wants to win some points now.  It gets more hyped in their heads.  A game is like a sea-saw. You literally have a sea-saw of confidence.  If one person starts to do well they’re light as a feather enjoying the ride, whilst the other guy can get stuck in the mud on the opposite side.

Mr Bee: What do you do for your brain , to relax Danny ?

Danny: There is a way I manage thoughts, that is I get up and go and do something about what I’m thinking. That or do something else to distract myself.

Mr Bee: If you could freeze one aspect of your health?

Danny: Mental health definitely. Say for instance when I am in a positive train of thought, I’d love to stay in that zone.  It is like the concentration zone in tennis.  You have the concentration and you are hitting every ball perfectly.  In life you can get distractions that break you out of that zone.

Mr Bee: Sum up health in one sentence:

Danny: When I think of health I think “happier live longer”

Mr Bee: Thanks for your time today Danny, we know you will have a great summer of tennis.  If anyone is interested in getting tennis rackets restrung in the Yorkshire area, please fill in the contact form below.


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