Desire: what you should know about it

By Simon Sobanski

Balance is power

The definition of balance is a state of equilibrium. It’s the point at which we achieve an equal distribution of our energy, time and efforts. However, so many of us are completely imbalanced. We are simply falling off the daily tight rope we walk on, screaming on the way down. How many times do we need to fall?

Very early on as children we learn about the importance of balance, without it our movement is restricted to a mere crawl. We fight and fall many times to gain control over balance. And once we do, we run, travel and explore the universe. This visible and invisible element has an enormous impact on our physical and mental well being. So why do we lose control of balance in our lives? When as a child we recognise it’s natural use and importance.

We grow in a world where we are told more is good, hence we desire it.

You see balance is quite simply ‘more or less’. Give or take, receive or give away. And this simple act, is difficult for many to control because of the ‘desire to want more’. As children we desire very little, yet over time we grow in a world where we are told more is good, hence we desire it.

More money! More cars! More homes! More holidays! More food! More experiences!

Desire is what ultimately creates imbalance and imbalance is man made. It’s tailor made to each and every one of us. We strive to attain all of what we personally desire in our lives but undeniably take on too much weight along the way. This continual desire of wanting more has on bigger scale led to wars, destruction of rainforests, global warming and on a smaller scale divorce, broken homes, debt and the list goes on

Refining your life. Refining your decisions. Refining your desires. Learning to give and takeaway. To receive and giveaway. Learning to desire only what you deeply need, the elements that feed your soul. This is all within our control and as a result allows us to gain control over balance the same way we did as a child.

Less could actually be the way for you to regain control over the balance in your life.  We would love hear comments on how people curb their desires!

Stay tuned for future posts where Simon will give more practical tips on how to create balance by refining your life.


2 thoughts on “Desire: what you should know about it

  1. This is a moving post Simon. Learning to desire only what you deeply need is a journey that most people never think about – never mind attempt. I feel in a world which focusses on material gain and prays on negativity, understanding your true needs would bring people closer to contentment. Great insights and your ideas inspire me to move toward my centre.


  2. It’s true that always wanting more in everything actually makes people anxious and panic. Once we lift our expectations too high, we’re gonna easily feel frustrated and disappointed about life, hence people always complain things around them, whether their family, colleagues, companies they are working or the society they’re living in. There is no a perfect situation you’re gonna be satisfied with. To keep our inner desire and action taking in a balance might be a solution to reduce this unsatisfactory and anxiety. And always being grateful everyday.


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