Changes by Bloo – Part 3

By Bloo

Getting healthy is all about the small things you do …….. consistently!

Now setting high goals and aspiring to reach a certain weight is not a bad thing.  Only problem is that it’s sometimes difficult to expedite especially when it involves effort and willpower.

When it comes to health most people have a tendency to overcomplicate things. They think about what foods to eat, what exercise routines to do, how often? And when?  Followed by a large dose of feeling sorry for yourself when we fail.  This is the hard to do and easy to fail approach.

If like me you have a busy schedule – there are always going to be times when you renege on your health and fitness plan.

So what if we could do some small things everyday, that don’t take up too much time or require too much willpower but in the long-term can be extremely beneficial?

Now don’t get me wrong I still target the gym 3/4 times a week however if I don’t manage it I won’t beat myself up or give up anymore.  The reason for this is I have over a very short space of time added a few small lifehacks into my daily routine that don’t take up much time but make me feel amazing and I know over the long to medium term can only be positive.

These are the small things I’ve added to my life.

  • Being Grateful – Begin each day and end each evening with 30 seconds of being grateful.  

Grateful for the breath that pumps my heart.  Grateful for the people in my life.  Grateful for my health, etc, etc.  This helps to align myself to the universe

Time taken – 30 seconds

  • Press-ups or Planks – I personally have resolved to doing a minimum 10 a day.  I can do them whenever I want so long as I manage at least 10.  

Benefits – Press-ups and planks are 2 types of exercises that work the whole body.

Time taken – 1-2 minutes – the good thing about these exercises is that you start increasing your daily reps without trying as you get stronger.

  • Meditate – If at all possible try and do 2 sittings of 5 to 10 minutes per day in a meditative pose with an empty mind listening to nothing else but the sound of your breath inhaling and exhaling.
  • Cold Shower – Finish your daily shower with a 30 second burst of cold water just before you get out.

Not only does it charge your body but you feel invigorated and alive.

  • Walk More, Sit Less and take the Stairs when you can – and watch your posture when performing these actions.

We have a tendency to slouch or crouch when walking or sitting – this does not help our physiology and the smooth functioning of our bodily organs and skeletal.

Our bodies are not made for long periods of sitting and inaction.    

Small steps. Better results 

You can start small with gratitude or some press-ups, the rest you can add to your daily routine over time.  The main thing here is you are not having to make a huge effort or having to go out of your way.

Research and studies have shown a clear correlation between stress, and the extensive list of (common) ailments that afflict people today.  Heart disease, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity have all become just a normal part of our everyday life.  We all know someone who suffers from at least one of the above.  To make matters worse, because we all want a ‘quick fix’ for many the only solution is medicine, prescribed and over the counter.  Medicine that won’t cure but will ‘just’ keep the ailment at bay, so that you can carry on your normal daily life …… which for many is full of fear, struggle, worry, anxiety, Stress.  And there you go, you’re on the treadmill, the treadmill of drug dependency!

By adding a few small hacks into your daily routine, over time you shall start seeing the overall health benefits of these small actions and more importantly you’ll start feeling good about yourself mentally, physically and spiritually and that I can guarantee!


Bloo will be bringing you more life hacks in depth in the coming weeks, stay tuned


2 thoughts on “Changes by Bloo – Part 3

  1. Great post! Couldn’t agree with you more, small steps for big results is often disregarded these days as people want immediate change without the effort / work. I’ve recently added cold showers to my routine also and found it to be very beneficial for stimulating my bodies senses and invigorating my day.

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  2. Really helpful advice actually! It’s true that being busy can’t always be the excuse of stoping making efforts to our health. One can always find time to do these small steps listed above, and the effect of the accumulation over a long term is significant ! Just realize that all we need to do is to make a simple start–try 1minutes, 2minutes then… one day, two days…a week then…we will find ourselves benefit a lot from all these small steps.


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