Master goal setting – by Bloo

By Bloo

Can we make or break habits?

Goal-setting is an art. Why is it that some people achieve their goals and others do not? Sometimes it is not about getting what you want, but getting what you need.  In life there are things which we must let go of which longer serve us.  Goal setting teaches us to aim for actions and thoughts that are in line with our true nature.

Never give up

Goals take effort.  This effort must be determined, focused and full of sacrifices.  It is about breaking old habits and never giving in to the destructive forces such as procrastination and negativity.  Our past actions can be shattered with lion-like effort.  It is true that past actions can determine our future, but only we let it. Our minds have the power to shape new behaviour.

The brain can define how you go about your goal setting. If emotion is attached to certain thoughts, this can make the task seem daunting.  Pleasure is sometimes our enemy.  Although pleasure can be safe, it can inhibit our real growth and keep us stuck in our “comfort zone”. Fear is another emotion that can at times motivate us.  However, fear is something can make goals seem impossible as it it literally freezes our brain.  It is important to recognise when fear is taking hold and placing us in a “flight and fight mode”.  Other signs of fear can include sweating, trembling, difficulty in breathing, rapid heart-beat and sensations of butterflies in your stomach.

You must ask yourself, do you want it, do you REALLY want it?

If your goal does not stem from a true earning and match your values, you may never reach your goal.  Often, the universe gives us what we are needing in that moment in time.  Are you willing to make the necessary steps and sacrifices to achieve your goals? How determined are you? Yes, you will get caught in loops of action and inaction, but the key is not to mistake failure for setbacks. The trick is to know that something will happen if you persist.

Read more about how to achieve your goals through small changes on bloo life.


2 thoughts on “Master goal setting – by Bloo

  1. It’s so true that you find it so difficult to achieve the things you want when you want them badly. Sometimes it almost seems impossible at the very beginning, then you feel frustrated and and want to give up, but the only way to make your dream come true is to keep dreaming, to keep your desire there in your heart strongly, and to take every small possible step towards your goal. One day you will realize you’ve already achieved it without noticing it.

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    1. Dream big, but break it down into small chunks – the problem we have is that we have our dreams and ambitions but rarely can we see a clear road map to them – no matter how positive and focused we try to be the process becomes overwhelming or too distant so we sway from certainty to disillusionment and eventually give up or come to a belief that we will never achieve our dreams so we end up living a life of unfulfilled goals/desires and resign ourselves to mediocrity. Mediocrity is NOT our nature. Start by making positive small changes in your life and as you gather momentum your path becomes clearer. We are not what we think we are …… We are SO much more!!

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