Interview #5 – Neetu Singh

Health means longevity of Life

Mr Bee:  Hi Neetu, thanks for taking the time out for this interview, I know you have just returned from a music tour in Asia. So tell us, what does health mean to you?

Neetu:  Health means longevity of life.  Health means being able to do things with my kids, take them to the park or play football with them.  Health also means happiness.

Mr Bee: What is a challenge you have had to overcome in health?

Neetu: It was when I snapped my cruciate ligament(Knee) and was unable to play football for a number of years.  I had to undergo two operations and months of physiotherapy.

Mr Bee: Rehabilitation is a long and testing journey, what got you through?

Neetu: Having children and wanting to get back to a state where I can do things with them again.  I also love football and I did not want to miss out on playing.

Mr Bee: Mucho respecto on coming through it, do you still play football now?

Neetu: Yes, I play once a week,  it is great way to maintain health and socialise.

Mr Bee: How has your musical career affected your health? How do you manage being on the road?

Neetu: I have been gigging since the age of 16.  It has been a combination of late night shows, no sleep and eating the wrong foods due to the late nights.  There has been times when I have eaten very rich meals, for example party and wedding food for continuous days.  Gigging and alcohol can go hand-in-hand. The free drinks would always be flowing.

Mr Bee: Where do you stand on alcohol?

Neetu: My current stance is drinking in moderation and drinking to be happy are the key.  I do not drink to get drunk.  I cut out drinking alcohol completely for 6 years and I did feel good.  Eventually though, I realised I missed the social aspect of drinking.

Mr Bee: If you could freeze one aspect of your health forever, what would it be?

Neetu: My mental state, people ignore mental health massively.

Mr Bee: How do you manage stress?

Neetu: Going to the gym really helps with balancing my stress levels.  I also use a pocket-sized book by beandmake called “Mindfulness Unplugged”.

Mr Bee: Sum up health in one sentence?

Neetu: Health is my future.

Mr Bee: Thanks for your time today Neetu, we wish you all the best in health and wealth for 2017.  If you would like to get in touch and book Neetu for a party or wedding ceremony for live music entertainment, click the link below.

Contact Neetu for music bookings.


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