Digital Detox 2016 – Part Two

By Mr Bee

What did I learn?

I learned to not always rely on external stimuli and to improve my inner dialogue.   This meant I always tried to turn negative thoughts into positive ones, and did not rely on the internet to provide me with inspiration.

On day 2…

I asked a series of questions and patiently pondered the answers:

I asked the question ” am I loading my mind with unnecessary problems and information?”

“Can I watch my mind and stand back from my thoughts, can I separate the real from the unreal?”

Both of these questions were aimed at social media or news stories I would subconsciously follow previous to the detox.   I found the absence of this information left space for me to pause between my thoughts.

Switch off digital. Switch on life

Throughout the detox there was a drive to engage my senses.  I spent time walking in places such as forests, parks and areas with water.  Deep conversations and spending time with friends and family were also a key feature.  My sleep improved and I feel the detox had a positive impact on my manners.  I believe people today cannot escape their phones, even when they are in a real-life conversation.  I believe this is not only rude, but bad manners. It is something that I would do regularly and now I am thankful I am more aware of my habits.

As my detox progressed I did employ my imagination in the right way and made lots of time for reading and meditation.  I also journaled various thoughts, some highlights include:

  1. not to be so serious
  2. forget urgency and fear
  3. have fun with where you are and with what you have
  4. life is short
  5. everything has a solution, we just need to reframe the problem
  6. planning and research are important skills in life

Behaviour changes after my digital detox:

  1. I switch my phone off for periods during the day (especially when I have arranged all my correspondences)
  2. I do not repeatedly use my phone when I am engaging in a real-word conversation.
  3. I go and speak to people instead of texting and sending an email.
  4. I only have one browser open at one time on my devices now.
  5. I write a letter or post card and post it.
  6. I don’t just “like” things, I tell people why I think something is cool!


I realise a digital detox is not practical for everyone.  There are a number of people for whom technology has advanced their lives and to simply stop it would be a step backwards.  In my case, the detox has led me to remember to do things that make me feel alive.

Takeaway Exercise:

Could you go a day without your phone, the internet, what about a week?  How about web free ,no Facebook for a month? It would be great to hear your thoughts.


6 thoughts on “Digital Detox 2016 – Part Two

  1. Loved this, it was very interesting and given me food for thought.
    A digital detox is definitely needed, I’m just not sure how realistic that is for a working woman with 4 children and a sick father.
    An alarm clock and periods of time without checking emails/messages may be a good place to start.
    Thanks for the insight…..and well done 😊

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  2. A digital detox is exactly what I need to do. Looking on social media is a viscous circle that never ends, we all need a break from trying to feel so connected online. However, being connected online is impacting real life!

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  3. Excellent post; authentic, inspiring and makes me want to detox. I regularly turn my phone on silent, no vibration so that I can decided when to be in contact. I guess the longest period was when I went I attended a silent retreat. No reading, no talking, no technology… that was intense – but the world was truly alive – I’d forgotten to notice it.

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  4. I think the Internet has as many disadvantages as it does advantages. We should learn how to use the internet properly to counteract these negative effects. It’s important to be able to differentiate between reality and the cyber world created by social media. Social media can take away from valuable time with friends and family and has become an addiction to many. As for me, when I’m in good company, I don’t feel compelled to play with my phone, however I must admit I’ve been known to use my phone from time to time aswell. When I find myself mentally and physically aligned, I find it much easier to resist the temptation of technology.
    Thanks for sharing this inspiring experience😊

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