Digital Detox 2016 – Part One

By Mr Bee

Why I did a 9 day digital detox?

For me personally, the age of the internet has brought unlimited opportunities.  It has connected me to every corner of the earth.  On the other hand, I have seen statistics where 16-24 year olds can spend up to 9 hours a day on media and communications.  I wanted to challenge myself and organise my life so that my phone and the internet were not the centre of my universe.

The intention was to improve the relationship with myself and connect with the things that really matter.  I did not use my mobile phone, the internet or consume any media or communications such as television for 9 days during the end of 2016.

Hardest part of the Detox

There were times during the detox where I had a strong urge to check my phone.  In these times, I was not expecting any news or important messages.  It was simply to check social media and have a mindless scan over websites that make no impact on my life.  I felt there was a compulsion to check this robotic device for information that did not actually  make me happy.

Another challenge during the detox was having important information such as phone numbers and travel information.  Most of the time it just required advanced planning and writing down of important facts.  For example if I was meeting people at a place I did not know, I had to have printed the directions and location.  I also had to make a log of important numbers and dates as this information would be stored on my phone.

Being distracted to being grateful

One of the biggest shifts in my behaviour was my morning routine.  Every night the phone would act as my personal alarm clock and each morning it would be the first thing I would check.

During the detox,  I reprogrammed my behaviour and removed the need to check my phone first thing in morning.  Before I started my detox I went out and bought a physical alarm clock and checked to see if it was loud enough to actually wake me up!

Upon removing my phone in the morning I would wake to be more aware of my breath, and more in tune with my body, thoughts and feelings.  I also formed a list of things I was grateful for each night,  I would remind myself of this list in the morning.  Going past the urge to always check my phone made me appreciate the moment and not be distracted.

Read part 2 next week and find out what I learned 🙂


9 thoughts on “Digital Detox 2016 – Part One

  1. Hey it’s very impressive that you actually made it, 9 days! Not many people can do that I believe.Have to say I can hardly imagine myself doing so, as you said, the strong urge to reach for the phone is very hard to control. Well done! And you made a really good reflection of what you were feeling during the detox. I think it’s good to appeal people to try it for a day or so to realize what is actually important in their lives.

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  2. A detox of any kind takes will power and determination to alter ones life so well done. To chronicle such a journey provides an interesting insight and a spark of inspiration for others. Much appreciated!

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  3. This is a fantastic idea and I am truly impressed! I think this gives us all a lot off food for thought and I am planning to try this myself – just need to plan when – and that’s the hard part as I really shouldn’t have to plan this, just do it and feel released!!

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