Intermittent fasting- Part 2 with Bloo

Meet Bloo (centre of picture) Intermittent faster, sculptor…He is curious about human potential and is a seeker of truth.  He loves traveling and is a keen meditator.

“I would say morning hunger is the biggest challenge”

Mr Bee: Hi Bloo, thanks for taking the time out, so we understand you practice intermittent fasting…how long have you been doing it?

Bl00: Well on and off for about a year.

Mr Bee: How did you get into intermittent fasting?

Bloo: I have always been conscious of my diet and what I eat.  I have always struggled with maintaining a diet and eating regularly.

Mr Bee: Has fasting affected your lifestyle?

Bloo: Yes, it has. I feel I have developed in many ways.  You feel the benefits of more energy and you actually start eating less. As humans in the western world we eat far more than we need to anyway.

Mr Bee: Tell me more about your energy levels.

Bloo: Not only physically, emotionally and spiritually, but I feel more grounded with a heightened sense of clarity.

Mr Bee: What challenges have you faced with intermittent fasting?

Bloo: It has always been challenging. Usually I have a 6-8 hour window to eat my meals. So the windows begins at 12 noon and closes around 6-8pm.  Once it reaches 8pm I do not eat until 12 noon the next day. I would say the morning hunger is the biggest challenge.

What does health mean to you?

Bloo:Everything.  Health is wealth,  especially when you look at today’s world where everybody is looking for an instant cure in a capsule.

Mr Bee: Tell us more about life hacks and health…

Bloo: Life hacks  are small changes that I can do everyday with my health over a sustained period of time.  Recently a life hack I have been doing is ‘super brain yoga’.  Super brain yoga dates back centuries and originates from South India.

Mr Bee: Sounds interesting Bloo, we shall leave super brain yoga for another post.  Keep up the life hacks and happy new year!

If anyone has tried  intermittent fasting we would love to hear your comments.


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