Interview #3 -It’s Shesta time

“Follow nature, avoid anything synthetic”

Mr Bee: Good Afternoon Shesta, what does health mean to you?

Shesta: Health is wealth. You can have everything in the world, but if you don’t have that, you can’t enjoy what you got.  Bad health causes suffering, nobody wants to experience that.  Good health creates happiness and enables you to enjoy what you got.

Mr Bee:What do you eat for breakfast?

Shesta: I eat fruit.  I try eat 3 pieces of fruit, apples and bananas are my staples..spoonful of honey, I chew fennel seeds and always water…I don’t drink juice.

Mr Bee: What is your secret to perfect health?

Shesta: Simple man. No meat, no dairy, no alcohol, no artificial sugar.  A lot of no’s (He says with a big smile).  Everything should be wholesome and in its natural form.  No alcohol, no smoking, no drugs and lot’s of water!

Mr Bee: Where do you stand on sugar, gluten and dairy?

Shesta:  Sugar should only be from natural forms such as from fruit.  Sugar needs all of the water, minerals and nutrients which are naturally in fruits and vegetables to balance it out.  Otherwise, it will become harmful to your body.  Gluten is f@?kd up, because the wheat that we use has been selectively bred to contain more gluten and be bigger and bulkier. For me, dairy gives me bad skin, and the way it is produced today it is definitely not healthy – i.e. the pasteurisation.

Mr Bee: What is your exercise regime ?

Shesta: I don’t do enough any more, I try to walk once or twice a week, press ups most days.

Mr Bee: What is good sleep for you?

Shesta: I think I should sleep between 10pm-2am, but I struggle to get into bed that early because I work like a slave and usually sleep around midnight.  I think sleep patterns should be dictated by earth and moon cycles – It is something I am currently studying.

Mr Bee: Sum up health in once sentence ?

Shesta: Follow nature, avoid anything synthetic

Mr Bee: Thanks Shesta. We wish you a fruitful end to the year and health, wealth and happiness of course!  We look forward to more in depth posts from you in the future. Be sure to listen to Shesta’s music on the link below.

 Listen to Shesta’s Music


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