Bye bye tablets. Hello chanting!

By Mr Bee

Health – state of being free from injury or illness.

World Health Organisation (WHO) definition – is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

We live a in world of increasing abundance and information overload.  Everyone wants it all, and they want it now. Is this why so many stress related illnesses are on the rise? We are constantly trying to do more, get more, and waiting is not an option.  So, is this really health, a world free from disease and injury?

What doctors and experts tend to forget, is that when every disease has been cured and we are living longer than ever, then what? Will we have achieved perfect health?  To get something, we must give something up.  I am going to propose that health is much more than being free from injury, illness and pain.

Health is in fact a state of mind and journey that must be aligned with nature itself.  Just as nature runs it course and we experience every season, this is how we should view health.  The leaves must fall off, for the tree to become alive again.  We must embrace illnesses and diseases and work with them. Nature does not do quick fixes, nor should we.  Our bodies and minds are always trying to tell us something.

We are now seeing a rise in herbal products and a movement toward more holistic ways of achieving wellbeing.  Yoga, meditation and ancient knowledge from all corners of the globe are challenging conventional medicine.  The key is, not to take more tablets, but pause,breathe and do less.  Our minds have the cure, we just have to believe it.

“The key is, not to take more tablets, but pause,breathe and do less”

Sometimes, instead of reaching for that headache tablet when you have a migraine, why not take some stress away from your day.  Why not go to sleep earlier, drink more water or try and eat a more balanced diet?  Why not try some Om chanting, which has shown to isolate pain in the brain. Health is not a one-way street, but it let’s embrace simplicity, and seek less.  In return, we will live more.

What does health mean to you? Does it mean you should be fit and active? Please let us know your comments below.


3 thoughts on “Bye bye tablets. Hello chanting!

  1. Great perspective on health, I’d encompass living true to one’s nature and enjoying life with or without disease. We are all going to get ill and die sooner or later… I say enjoy the journey – be happy wherever you are – that’s healing and healthy.


  2. It’s so true to not to take more tablets, but pause, breathe and do less. People now rely too much on medicine or other ways which seems to make them get better, but always ignore the signals and real feelings sent by their bodies. I think staying healthy is to follow your body’s will : )


  3. Health ( mental, physical) means for me that you are able to do your everyday things without feeling any pain, you can enjoy the life and do not have to give up things because of your health status.
    I think there is no proven method, since
    our bodies needs are different, everybody should find out what is the best way for them ( eating, sports…) to make the most of it and live a healthy life. For this firstly we need to know ourself deeply.
    An illness can be a sign that is time to change something in our life or just help us to learn “how to dance in the rain”.


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