Concept of Yoga

Satisfy your Mind

By Mr Bee.

What is Yoga?  Is it just another form of exercise, where health is a major asset on the balance sheet of life?  This is a common misconception.  Many people think that yoga is purely exercise and only consists of the physical postures.  These postures are referred to as “asanas”.  Yoga is not only exercises, nor is it a special form of aerobics.  It is not a rope trick or a magical exhibition of super powers 🙂

In fact, yoga is an art of living.  It is an ancient science which can be defined as a systematic process of self-unfoldment.  In short, you find out who you are really are. Yoga is not a brainwashing or mind controlling organism.  Rather, it helps a person to master their mind and release their true human condition.

The root word for yoga is “yuj”, which means union.  Yoga in essence creates a harmonious union between body and mind. Patanjali was an ancient sage in India who put together materials on Yoga from older traditions. The definition given by Patanjali shows that yoga is the cessation of “vrtti” of the mind.  Vrtti means modifications of the mind.  My personal favourite definition of yoga relates to how Swami Vivakananda says “ yoga is a way to condense the process of evolution”.  Shri Aurobindo, a great philosopher says “Yoga elevates man from the level of animal man to divine man”.

Yoga is a process and there are 4 elements that make it up.  There is karma yoga, bhakti yoga, jnana yoga and raja Yoga.  Each element provides a unique set of practices to gain mastery over the mind and ultimate balance of the body.  They represent work, worship, philosophy and psychic control.

Yoga has much relevance in today’s overloaded world.  If followed correctly and patiently, yoga can truly satisfy your mind and body.



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